Mission Statement

Leaders of Today  help educate young girls,  6th to 12th grade, formidable leadership skills that will be useful to their lives, starting at the young age.  

The leadership program is a carefully planned curriculum  focused on developing good

FirstImageLot (2) character, being a positive example to others,  and growing in the spirit of service.  Their growth in the program depends entirely on how they want to become at their own pace,  at their own drive and enthusiasm.  It is encouraged that their objective is to  make a positive impact and contribution to the society,  to seek to inspire other young women, and to be a leader that can make a  difference by bringing the best in others.


“ There is no better leadership than wanting to give yourself freely,  to be useful to others….For the joy which comes from forgetting ourselves is the best proof of love,”   St. Josemaria,  Christ is Passing By.